Quality Control Procedure

The inspection phase at the quarry allows the selection best quality natural stones and to test and acquire only those blocks that pass the strict quality control, to be then sent to the company and processed. The goal of Marmi Group is to ensure and satisfy the requirements of the end customer who requires a supply of slabs with precise dimensions for custom projects, starting with the selection of precise raw materials.

Marmi Group is able to provide uniform thicknesses and total absence of imperfections in processed and finished natural stone products with the acquisition of up to date machinery. This result is very important especially
for the stone worker who must create kitchen counter-tops, flooring and other products that require precise characteristics.

Marmi Group vision for the present and the future. The Group’s strict adherence to clear quality control procedures and its continuous commitment to achieving high standards in all its production activities played the key factor in enabling it to become the first in its field.

The stone is then sent to our in-house production division where it is processed by our professional staff using the most state-of-the art equipment. This is when the stone is given its finishing as per the specifications of the client and designers.

The whole process is carried out by our professional staff and adheres to strict quality control standards. In production, quality is maintained through a series of inspections. Each block is carefully matched to the standard after each phase of processing. No compromise is taken in the selection and quality control regarding color, tone, and structure.

Marmi Group’s staff takes every precaution to insure material delivered is in the best possible condition. Packing is also one of the most important aspects of the process. Our professionals ensure the stone is packed in fumigated and tightly compressed wooden bundles in order to ensure it’s not damaged during delivery. Checking and rechecking continues through the final processing, polishing, packaging and final loading. After packing, the wooden bundles are labeled according to the drawing in a way that makes it easy to identify where each piece of stone needs to be installed by our team onsite.

Finally the material is shipped onsite where our specially trained staff installs the marble while our quality control personnel ensure everything is done according to client specifications and to the highest international standards. Depending on the scope of the project, Marmi Group carries out quality control procedures both before and after installation of the stone onsite.